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Jesus Christ, DA

Posted by Salt-Knight - 8 days ago

SO hey y'all, kinda forgot i had this thing open.

Sorry if some of y'all ended up wondering where the hell I went; I just got busy with life and whatnot. Couldn't exactly keep an eye out for like, 6 different accounts around when employed.

Anyways, with 2020 basically telling us to go fuck ourselves, I kinda wanted to focus on my art and stuff, but then we get to the reason im typing away here on Newgrounds.

Seems like Deviantart was run by idiots since they diced to KILL OFF THEIR OLD INTERFACE IN EXCHANGE FOR A CLUNKIER, MUCH LESS USEABLE UI. Many people began to flood out and, expecting the same ala Tumblr, I bounced back here.

You'll be seeing some nice highlights from my nearly 8 month disappearance here.

Just remember, this gallery is mix and all that. Hope y'all can enjoy what I share (especially those who didnt follow my other accounts) and stay safe!


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DA just shot theirself in the foot with Eclipse update. It no surprise people are leaving that site after getting ignored by the staff that doesn't care about user options.

They apparently didnt even work out the kinks in it any of it! According to folks, stuff like Notes, Stash, and Groups still use the old UI and mobile is missing features.

@AKA-38CAUTION @Salt-Knight

That is true. Most of the feature is not eclipsed (If you know what I mean).

Sta.sh writer is no longer a thing, Group is still on green site, and some of the features they promise are not in Eclipse at this moment. The profile is still a mess, the UI is sometimes messy (though it okay at most part) and progression is damn well slow. 2 Years of working on this and 70% features are not in it, yet they decide to push it to be the "New" Deviantart.

DA is a new Digg at this point. They should take a lot of time to make Ecplise least something more useable.

Welp, that's another site bringing Newgrounds more business. 4 total in the last two years. I wonder who's next to fuck up.

Just know of Tumblr because I was there in the Porn Block of 2018.
What were the other 2?

We are super happy to have you here!

well, more like having me BACK hahaha

Youtube due to their handling of COPPA, beginning of this year. And we've been seeing a trickle of Twitter users coming in for a while because of how they "shadow-ban" users, usually for NSFW content.

I havent felt the Youtube sting tbh and the Twitter one...yeah, neither.